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Video shoot!

I’m shooting a video today with my boy Johnny fresh out of Germany!

The tunes called #CheckEmOut’ Watch out for it people, its a big link up from London to Germany!!!

08.17.11 0
I just finished the Bigga fish tour! Its was Krayzee! We done Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield and london. It was a great experience! Big up every one that came and supported from all over. #MuchAppreciated. Just look out for me pepz! Catch me in a town near you real soon!

— Pred himself

08.02.11 0

Just been doing some shopping today with my cousin Pakasa.
He’s from belguim and he’s here for the weekend.

Got to make sure my swagger Is #Krayzee for the tour…

— Predz himself

07.16.11 0

I done a madddd 12 hour session yesterday with ziggy funk!!!!

We built a Master piece!

Watch out for a tune called #NotLookingBack a track off my new mixtape!

— Predz himself

07.15.11 0

'Here's the Promo for the Bigga Fish tour!!!
Watch out for it on your screens!!!!’

07.06.11 0
Meeting up making arrangements

I’m on my way to meet up with Grime Daily and Bigga Fish to do a promo video for the tour #madddd

07.01.11 2
The sun is shining and the vibes are sweet

— Predz himself

07.01.11 0

Until I die this is a show I can look back on and say I done it to help out!!!!

Big up Khalid for helping me put together this show! we made history.

I ain’t even made it nowhere yet, but I’ve already held a showcase to help guide upcoming artist.

06.23.11 0
06.23.11 0

Lately I’ve been having conversations with people from other countries and the one thing all of them have said is that people in the UK music industry are greedy!

There’s no help out here. If we want to take this UK music to the world we need 2 come together!!!!! Stop hating!!

— Predz himself

06.23.11 0